JQ Jam Session

Led by Chris Young the successful JQ Jam at the Brown Lion has been running for a while and provides an opportunity for musicians and the audience to wind down and blow off some steam and to pull the curtain down on the Festival. Its running late so stay awake! 

As usual the gig will be a great place for musicians to jam together and for the young guys from the Conservatoire to play with people like Jim Bashford, Tymek Jozwiak , Stu Barker and Toby Boalch and other graduates. As Chris says: "a great kinda community vibe and great playing as well! Hosted by me with a bass player and a drummer." 

The jam starts at 6.30 with Chris on sax, Tom Moore on bass and Jim Bashford on drums plus guests and sitters-in and should be nicely hotting up by the time the Kofi-Barnes gig finishes around 10pm.