One Many People – (David Grey)

The second offering for our Black History Month programme and features a new body of work written with the spirit of Jamaica in mind “…one many people…”

We offer a warm welcome back to the Red Lion David with his new band.  Always both entertaining and original, this band gives you a skilful blend of soul, jazz, pop with a touch of electro. Music to light up your world!  This is a new band created to celebrate the magic of Jamaica.

One Many People are group of vibrant and talented musicians brought together in spirit of the Jamaican national motto - 'Out of many one people'. 
A bright fusion of Afro-Caribbean melodies and song forms, with Polish folk rhythms and European harmony. 
Expect Reggae, Jazz and Afrobeat all to be thrown into a lively mix

£9 / £5 for members/ Students £5