Darius Brubeck Quartet

The Darius Brubeck Quartet takes us on jazz journeys to distant places and different eras. While Darius is best known for representing his famous father’s musical legacy and for pioneering jazz education in South Africa, he has always performed his own compositions too.  The group will go into the studio in February to record a new album after the critical and popular success of  “Cathy’s Summer”

Throughout his life, Darius has been inspired by travel and the musical influences from many far flung places: the beat of Brazil, the direct emotion of South African jazz, the improvisation and rhythm of Asian musics and the lyricism and harmony of the European tradition.  The quartet always plays a mixture of original music, jazz standards, Dave Brubeck hits and South African jazz.

“The Darius Brubeck Quartet opened with Blue Rondo A La Turk and continued with a mix of Dave Brubeck numbers and catchy originals including Cathy’s Summer. Brubeck has an easy conversational rapport with the audience ----the chemistry of this quartet has to be seen live to be appreciated. With Dave O’Higgins on sax, Matt Ridley on double bass, Wesley Gibben on drums and of course Brubeck on piano this band never fails to delight. They closed with a majestic delivery of Take Five to rousing applause from the Grand Hall’s capacity audience.”

Brian Payne, Jazz Journal - Scarborough Jazz Festival

Line up: Darius Brubeck – piano; Dave O’Higgins –Saxes; Matt Ridley – bass and Wesley Gibbens - drums

£15.00/£10 Members/Students £5