Ibou Tall and Jazzmates

Considered in the Senegalese new generation of musicians as one of the leading Jazz  Keyboard players, Ibou Tall was born in Dakar, Senegal.  He started playing the keys at the age of 14 under the umbrella of cousins such as Grammy nominated producer Habib Faye, the legendary Adama Faye, keyboard player Tapha Faye and Jazz maestro Vieux Mac Faye.
After numerous street band projects such as Xamle, Jant Bi and Xalima, Ibou joined 'le Setsima Group' of the singer Alioune Mbaye Nder as a composer and band leader.  This led to the release of 10 albums, from 1995 to 2002, that included many number one  hits in the Senegalese charts.
In 1996 Ibou arranged the album Boul Ma Joylo of the Hip Hop band Jant Bi that rose to number one in the Senegalese Charts.
In 2002 Ibou left the Setsima band to start his own solo career under his label Talli.B PRODUCTIONS.
Ibou has gigged, recorded and/or toured internationally with bands and renowned artists such as Xamle, Baba Maal,  Seydina Issa Wade, Metzo Diatta, Adama Sakho, Saintrick , Michel Cusson from Uzeb, James Watson, Pharoah Sanders,  the Melting Pot jazz trio,  Javier Moreno, MC Sketchy, Rozaya Hopkins and the Mankala band.
Line Up: Ibou Tall – Keyboard; Julien Alenda – Sax; Paolo Adamo – Drums; Martin McConnell – Guitars; Guillaume Ottaviani – Bass

£12.50/£10 Members/Students £5