Alison Rayner Quartet (ARQ) plus Tom Harris

For the past two years ARQ has built a substantial and wide ranging audience for their “deliciously upbeat, groovy and thoughtful jazz” (Jazz UK).      

Following the success of their acclaimed debut album August in 2014 and subsequent national touring, Blow the Fuse presents ARQ A Magic Life, the production of which has been supported by the Arts Council’s Grants For The Arts scheme.

The new album A Magic Life was recorded in London this summer and will be released in November 2016 and is bursting with melodic and harmonic references from classical, roots and folk musics. Rayner cites both Charlie Haden and Eberhard Weber as influences – but there is always a strong sense of Rayner’s musical personality evident in the poignant folk melodies, rootsy grooves and improvisational invention.                    

‘I was inspired to call the album A Magic Life because of two recent incidents. The loss of a friend last year, who wrote in her own epitaph about how magic her life had been; then a chance encounter with a young boy, who asked me "Is music stronger than magic?" I replied that to me, music is a merging of magic and logic. These events set me on a course of thinking about connections between memory, mortality, magic – and music.’

In ARQ, Alison Rayner has gathered a group of fine musicians who sympathetically support her music: Steve Lodder piano, Deirdre Cartwright guitar, Diane McLoughlin saxophones and Buster Birch drums. The group’s imaginative and assured playing are superbly suited to Rayner’s compositions and reflect a confidence inspired by working intensively together, touring her first album 'August'.

Line up: Alison Rayner – bass; Deirdre Cartwright – guitar; Diane McLoughlin – Sax; Steve Lodder – piano and Buster Birch – drums

Support Line up: Tom Harris – piano; Tommy Fuller - electric bass and Charlie Johnson - drums.

£12.50/£10 Members/Students £5