Alex Hutton – Magna Carta

An original concept, with original music and the most original players in the UK today.  2015 was the 800-year anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta that this set is dedicated to.  Alex takes inspiration from the countryside around his daily dog walking duties. The history of England surrounding the Wraysbury and Runnymede area runs deep in the English psyche.  The ancient woodland of Ankerwycke shelters a 2000-year-old Yew tree.  Some  2300 years ago looking up at the branches under which Roman soldiers would have gathered (perhaps to discuss the building of aqueducts) - the first thing you think is ‘if the tree could talk - what stories it must have…’

The music starts with an homage to the old tree. Enter King John and the Magna Carta (1000 years later) and the Barons who made him sign it (somewhere in this ancient woodland - under the tree perhaps?).  There’s tension, celebration, bliss, more tension, and some other moods before returning to ‘the tree’ in modern times.  This is all captured in the compositions.

Alex refers to music from Palestrina, early folk music, Baroque, Classical, and contemporary idioms. All of this is topped off with the best rhythm section you could ever imagine.

Line Up: Alex Hutton – Piano; Yuri Goloubev – Bass and Asaf Sirkis - Drums

See an extended version of the Magna Carta story and video clip of the trio:

£12.50/Members £10/Sudents £5