Eddie Powell

Eddy Powell


The drummer Eddy Powell was born in Birmingham and first played a horn in a brass band. It was in his teens when he started playing the drums first influenced by rock and later met and played jazz with Andy Hamilton. He decided that a musical career was probably going to be difficult so took a brief engineering job and later his current full-time job working with his wife in a wig and hair extension shop. He continues to play in several bands.

Musical Life and Work

“I went for an engineering job that didn't work out. So, I just thought music was something that I enjoy. And I was fortunate to have some friends in the rehearsal room. So, we used to meet up quite regularly to practice, and I seem to enjoy it… [I’m] from a working class background I didn't think about going to university or anything like that at that time. So, I thought, well, I like music, and …that was something I just enjoy doing. And I was able to get gigs occasionally.”

“I've been working… in retail. We sell wigs and synthetic hair. We used to be on Soho Road but we re-located to Wolverhampton that. I'm lucky because some people haven't got a job at the moment.”


He was playing in a couple of outfits before the COVID but the pandemic has brough those to a halt. Once restrictions were lifted he was able to carry on with his job in retail.