Wayne Scott

Wayne Scott


Drummer Wayne Scott, born in Birmingham, first started drumming very young learning from books including one his grandmother gave him. His parents realised he had talent and found him lessons. From the age of 9 he played with a steel band and first met Andy Hamilton at 12 or 13 and started to play jazz but plays across many other genres. Getting married at 19 and having a young family meant music took a back seat and he worked as a window fitter. At around 30 he was able to go back into music full time teaching and playing in bands including working with a Status Quo drummer in schools and colleges and in stage shows.

Musical Life and Work

I've kind of, not say stayed away from the jazz scene, but to make a living out of it, I've had to play other genres of music. Because the jazz scene, it just doesn't, you know, just doesn't pay. If you're in it to make money, to make a living out of it, then, I don't think you can do that with jazz. There's a joke that they say, "how do you make a million pounds out of jazz? You have to start with a billion pounds."

“But when I'm not in schools during the holidays, I go back into the building [fitting windows]. And lucky enough, I'm glad I didn't, you know, totally give that up. Because it's kept my head above water during, you know, the COVID situation.”


“I've been rehearsing with a band at the moment, just getting ready for when we go back out on the road … and it's made me realise, what Covid made me realise, is that I don't want to be a busy fool traveling all over the country. You know…because I'm 51 years old now. And having this rest, it made me realise how much I was doing. So now I just want to play with people…and not just be traveling and playing for the sake of it.”