Top Names - Great Bands


It is always the season to be jolly here at Birmingham Jazz and as we get to the last two gigs of 2014 we are looking forward to some more great music in 2015. 


Over the last two years since we re-launched we have had some brilliant bands wiith some of the top names in British and International jazz at The Red Lion UAB and the Bartons Arms. Often they have played in new combinations like Robert Mitchell in Tom Harrison's Film Music Project or Ivo Neame in Ant Law's trio. So this season don't miss out on some top names if you don't immediately recognise the band name!


So here's a check list of some of the mucisians we have got coming up in the early part of 2015 - more info as we get it!

Steve Tromans - Axis Point


Ben CroslandSteve Waterman and Steve Lodder - Ben Crosland Trio

Joey Walter-Lane, Tom Martin, Ben Markland and Anna Brooks - Me & 3


Bryan Corbett, Neil Bullock, Al Gurr and Ben Markland (two weeks in a row for Ben but on different instruments!) - Bryan Corbett Quartet

David Austin Grey, Aisling Stephenson, Wayne Matthews and Euan Palmer - Neon Villages

Jon LloydJohn LawRob Palmer, Tom Farmer and Dave Hamblett - Jon Lloyd Group

Matt Anderson, Laura Jurd, Alex Munk, Jamil Sheriff, Sam Vicary and Sam Gardner - Wild Flower Sextet