New Booking System

For a while now we have been wanting to improve our booking system. Because we are on a low budget we haven't previuosly found a good ticket booking system and most systems out there charge around 10% booking fees. Recently the Birmingham Jazz board decided that this needed fixing so we did a new search for an appropriate system.

We had a cold email from - usually these emails get ignored but for once we checked it out and it looked very promising. There's no contract so we can change at anytime and because we are a non-profit orgaisation they offered us a 5% flat fee on purchases. This coupled with no set up charges made us give it a go.

So now if you want to book tickets for any of our gigs the Book buttons anywhere on the site take you to a list of all our gigs on Uniiverse where you can book and pay for tickets. On individual gig pages there will also be a link direct to that gig on Uniiverse plus you will also be able to book via our Facebook page, event pages on Facebook and even on our MailChimp mailings - just sign up to get these direct to your mailbox.

​What's not to like? Well there's the fees and the fact that it's all in dollars at the moment. We have a choice to absorb the fees or to pass them on to people making bookings. The vast maroity of venues do pass on fees and they are often more than 5% - this coupled with us being a voluntary group operating with no regular funding and on tight margins has lead us to the decision to pass on the fees. We hope our audience undertstands and supports this but we weelcome your views so get back to us on Facebook or on our websiteWe hope you will bear with us on the dollar issue for a while - it's not ideal but Uniiverse have promised us that this will be sorted in February.

We are very hopeful that this system will help both us and our audience - for attenders at our gigs it means you can now book and pay in advance and be sure of a seat - for us it means we can more easily know what our bookings are in advance and have the added security of having payments sorted and it allows us to upgrade our marketing a notch too There are still some things to sort including integration with mobiles and tablets at the door but so far, so good!