New Simplicity Trio

This is a collective and forward looking group playing compositions by each member of the trio. Their compositions are centered around an ethos of melodic and harmonic simplicity and are very listenable. The band features one of the most important and original drummers on the European Jazz scene, Antonio Fusco (Giovanni Falzone Contemporary Orchestra, Tino Tracanna Acrobats) and superb Danish bassist Henrik Jensen (Followed by Thirteen) as well was top UK pianist Bruno Heinen.

They enjoyed a sellout tour in Italy last year, and are releasing our debut album Common Spaces on BB Records (their own sub-division of the Babel Label) in April 2017.  This performance will feature the tracks from their record release.

Their compositions are centered around the ethos of melodic and harmonic simplicity. The group name comes from the post serial movement of the 1950's contemporary classical German composers whose aim was to reject the complexity of serialism and instead compose memorable melodic and harmonic compositions.

Erudition, eclectic studies and a jazz sensibility make Heinen the kind of newcomer who repositions the goalposts. **** John Fordham – Guardian

Line Up: Bruno Heinen – Piano; Henrik Jensen – Bass and Antonio Fusco – Drums

£12.50/£10 Members/Students £5