John Law Re-Creations

The group is tremendously popular with audiences everywhere they play; the fact that everyone knows the tunes they play (taken from jazz, pop and the occasional classical tune..) means the audiences always feel part of the creative journey they make and when the tunes come in that they know they always react really enthusiastically. And the arrangements are really interesting and sometimes totally spontaneous. 

John Law, a prize-winning classical prodigy on piano, turned away from classical piano studies to pursue jazz and improvised music when he was 23 and has been involved in, and acclaimed for, a wide variety of contemporary jazz and classical projects: from solo piano concerts and albums through trio and quartet tours and recordings, right through to large scale works for his semi-classical ensemble Cornucopia. his new quartet Re-Creations, featuring Parliamentary Jazz Award winner Sam Crockatt, playing versions of tunes from jazz/pop/classical; They’ve now added, to their repertoire, alongside pieces by Pink Floyd, Adele, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson: two tunes by Radiohead, two more tunes by the Beatles, a version of Satie’s Gymnopedie and a piece by Bach!

John Law– Piano/Keyboard; Sam Crockatt– sax; James Agg– bass & Billy Weir- drums

Performance of Let’s Face The Music:

A very popular show-opener, a classical piece by Rossini (here with Yuri Goloubev on bass):

A crazy baroque version of Summertime (again with Yuri on bass):

Monk’s Well You Needn’t:


Advance: £10.00/£7.50 Members/Students £3.00

On the Door: £12.50/£10/£5