A welcome return for this fantastic quintet, who have won the “Best Jazz Ensemble of the Year: Parliamentary Award last year. Of cause, they have a new recording – Short Stories - to perform for the gig, and retain the best line up available.  Led by the very personable Alison Rayner (Alison Rayner Quintet) and features legends of the British Jazz/Rock scene.

This year Blow the Fuse celebrate 30 years. Started in 1989 by musicians and composers Deirdre Cartwright and Alison Rayner who were members of the internationally acclaimed jazz group The Guest Stars, BTF have played a crucial role in raising awareness about women jazz musicians and importantly giving them support, a space and opportunity to perform in times which have sometimes been very challenging.

BTF have been very much part of the new resurgence of jazz musicians, which contain many talented young women. Beginning in 2012, Blow the Fuse Seasons Tomorrow the Moon ‘one small step for women’ have featured groups led by composers Laura Jurd, Yazz Ahmed, Laura Cole, Dee Byrne, Sophie Tetteh, Lauren Kinsella, Roz Harding, Nikki Iles, Shama Rahman, Daphna Sadeh, Flo Moore, Chelsea Carmichael, Camilla George and Nubya Garcia.

BTF have managed many UK jazz tours with new musical works, innovative collaborations and educational projects and they run the Blow the Fuse record label.

Line Up: Alison Rayner – bass, Deirdre Cartwright – guitar, Steve Lodder – piano, Diane McLoughlin – sax & Buster Birch - drums

…infused with the kind of heady imagination that transforms their resonances into a series of vivacious musical adventures.”BBC Music Magazine ★★★★★

Here one of their tracks here:


Advance: £12.50/£10.00 Members/Students £5.00

On the Door: £15.00/£12.00/£5.00