Lukas Oravec Quartet

Lukas Oravec is a wonderful young Slovakian trumpet player touring the UK with some of the finest jazz talent in the UK. He is noted for playing and writing with lots of fire and creativity and is joined by the much talked about Sax player Alex Garnett. His music has a distinctive sound as does his playing. Alex Garnett has been one of the leading saxophonists in the UK and Europe for over two decades, being instantly recognized by his dark, husky sound. Putting it all together is the Head of the Jazz course in Leeds Jami Sheriff.

“I think you will enjoy this wonderful music as well as hearing the band play live” Bob Mintzer

Line Up: Lukas Oravec – Trumpet, Alex Garnett – Sax, Jami Sheriff - Piano, Jack Garside - Bass, Marek Dorcik - Drums

Hear then here:


Advance: £12.50/£10.00 Members/Students £5.00

On the Door: £15.00/£12.00/£5.00