Benn Clatworthy Quartet

Legends Festival 2020

This band anchor their performance firmly in jazz's richest and successful periods, but the players themselves boast direct links with some of the music's most legendary figures. Saxophonist Clatworthy was tutored by Ronnie Scott. Clatworthy has the air of a thoroughly dedicated performer. He possesses the tunefulness of Lester Young and skilfully merges it with the muscular tone of Coleman Hawkins. The history and meaning to jazz must have the founding roots and here I is.

The musicians in this band give a crisp performance. The repertoire consists of original material interspersed with attractive renditions of standards. Just as the sense of nostalgia almost becomes overwhelming, the performance is unexpectedly vindicated by the excited tones.

Line Up: Benn Clatworthy – Sax, John Donaldson – Piano, Simon Thorpe - bass and Darren Beckett - Drums


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