Legends Festival 2020

Led by vocalist Tali Atzmon, Talinka creates a new distinctive sound that explores the diverse musical journeys of four musicians, each already distinguished in their fields. Tali Atzmon was a renowned actress and singer in Israel; Jenny Bliss is a baroque virtuoso artist who plays viola da gamba, baroque violin, flute and sings; Gilad Atzmon extends his repertoire of instruments and plays here bass clarinet, accordion, soprano sax and guitar; Yaron Stavi plays Bass.

Talinka transcends boundaries creating a natural continuum between folk, jazz, tango and early music. The unusual choice of instruments and combination of personalities create an amalgam of past and present, East and West. This diverse musical journey epitomises of the Festival theme

"It seemed there was nothing this enterprising quartet couldn't do to make the most of a wide range of material…That’s Jazz.” Nigel Jarrett, Jazz Journal

Line Up: Tali Atzmon – Voice; Jenny Bliss – Viola, Baroque Viola, Flue & Voice; Gilad Atzmon – Bass Clarinet, Accordion & Sax and Yaron Stavi - Bass

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