Darius Brubeck

Legends Festival 2020

This evening headline act this evening is the famous Brubeck Quartet. In April 2020 the Darius Brubeck Quartet will launch their new CD, Live In Poland on the Ubuntu Music label. It was recorded during their highly successful tour of Poland, where they played to full houses in six cities. The concerts celebrated the 60th anniversary of Dave Brubeck’s historic ambassadorial tour behind the Iron Curtain in 1958, which provided the inspiration for the 1959 hit record 'Time Out'. Darius' quartet performed in each of the cities visited by the Dave Brubeck quartet, receiving standing ovations at every concert.

The new album includes the hits “Take Five” and 'In Your Own Sweet Way', alongside new compositions by Darius. 2020 is an auspicious year, being the centennial of Dave Brubeck, so the Darius Brubeck Quartet will also be commemorating this with their 2020 touring activities. They have been playing together for 12 years, yet there is always a freshness about their performances. They are the pinnacle of Jazz excellence and its history.

Line Up: Darius Brubeck - Piano, Dave O’Higgins - Sax, Matt Ridley – Bass and Wesley Gibbens - Drums

Hear their Polish Preview clip here:


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