Brass Monkeys

The Brass Monkeys are an eclectic improvising wild bunch influenced by jazz, blues, reggae, country, free improvisation, soul, folk …… Performing an exciting mix of original material and unusual classics The Brass Monkeys offer a reverent but iconoclastic take on the history of musical improvisation. With a line-up of two trumpets, French horn, two trombones, tenor sax, tuba and drums this group is a powerhouse of brass that reflects an exciting mix of youth and experience. We enjoy exploring the textural possibilities of this sound and performances mix solo, duo, trio and ensemble improvisations inspired by our diverse repertoire.    

Line Up: Trumpets: Chris Dowding & Charlotte Keeffe, French Horn: Jim Rattigan, Trombones: Annie Whitehead & Kieran McLeod, Sax Paul Jolly, Tuba Ben Higham & Drums Olly Blackman