Fini Bearman

Fini Bearman is a London based singer, songwriter, composer & multi-instrumentalist, who has a ‘rare sense of melody running through her eclectic compositions, full of catchy twists and turns’. Her music melds diverse influences from jazz, folk and contemporary music into an 'arresting and uniquely personal' sound. Sometimes dealing with settings of poetry and other times original lyrics, ‘her voice, effortlessly moves between a light precision and warm soulfulness is unmistakably her own’.  

Fini released her 4th album 'La Loba in October 2020 and it has already received much glowing reviews from peers and critics including ****'s from Jazzwise (Editors Choice), allaboutjazz, The Arts Desk (album of the year), and more. She is joined by her national support musiccians Tom Cawley and James Maddren.

'…Skilful and accurate… wistful soulfulness'  John Fordham, (The Guardian)

Line Up: Fini Bearman – vox/guitar, Tom Cawley - piano, & James Maddren - drums