Universal Connection

Although British jazz and jazz on the continent are continuing to thrive on their respective local levels, not many truly Anglo-European groups have managed to connect with such ease and shared understanding as Universal Connection. Koller (born in Bavaria, Germany but UK resident) and Speake (London born and bred) have both been at the forefront of the London jazz scene for a number of years.  Koller and Speake both worked with bassist Anders Christensen during his 10 year stay in London. Copenhagen-based Christensen has toured and recorded with countless jazz legends. Christensen and Mogensen have worked together as a celebrated Danish rhythm team for many years, and have been part of some of the most ground breaking bands on the vibrant jazz scene in Scandinavia. This international quartet is testament to the vibrancy, beauty, and imagination of jazz old and new.

Listen to their recording:

Line Up: Hans Koller – piano, Martin Speake – sax, Anders Christensen – bass & Anders Mogensen - drums