From Scratch

One of the early days on Birmingham Jazz’s return to club land in 2012 we invited Ralf to form a new band to perform for us; so we now have “From Scratch”. Guitarist Ralf DeCambre was born in Birmingham and still lives there. He first picked up his Father’s guitar when he was 10 or 11, while his Father was out at work and has been mainly self-taught. Since Ralf and his Father began learning together Ralf quickly progressed to play across several genres including rock, reggae, jazz and classical. During his early years was part of a rock band Man ‘O’ War. Andy Hamilton’s then guitarist Jived took Ralf to the MAC and from that he was a Blue Note for 13 years including on their first album Silvershine and on foreign tours in Paris (Caveaux De La Huchette), Milan, St Lucia Festival & Jamaica Festival. After the end of the Blue Notes Ralf decided to start again from scratch.

Line Up:  Ralf DeCambre - guitar, Mark Hamilton – sax, Trevor Lines– bass & Wayne Scott - drums