Lulu Pierre

Birmingham Jazz Festival 2024

Lulu is already making waves on the London jazz vocal scene, and has proved herself to be a classic Torch Song stylist with the sass of Nancy Wilson and the swing of Sarah Vaughan – and a knack for heart-breaking ballads too. Lulu’s journey into jazz has been an unusual one.  As part of her music business degree she studied jazz singing in Miami, which re-ignited a love of jazz nurtured by her musician parents.  But Lulu is also a business woman, and building up a successful hair products company kept her away from music for some years. Then one evening in 2021 she visited the Vortex jazz club in east London to see saxophonist Tony Kofi and got chatting to the band pianist Alex Webb in the interval.  They met up again and Webb invited Lulu to sit in on some restaurant gigs, where they found a shared interest in unusual repertoire and hip arrangements.  A striking and chic figure on stage, Lulu has a rich mezzo-soprano capable of conveying deep emotion one moment and swinging hard the next. 

Line Up: Lulu Pierre – vocals, Tony Kofi – sax, Alex Webb – piano, Hamish Moore – bass & Dan Hester – drums