Asaf Sirkis Indian Carnatic Song

One of the stand-out events of our Crossing Boundaries Festival 2017 was the performance by Asaf Sirkis and a quartet of South Indian musicians talking and playing raga music and mixing in western percussion rhythms.  It is entitled Carnatic song quartet.

This year we are presenting another South Indian Carnatic music talk and performance led by Asaf Sirkis, this time with a different set of South Indian Musicians. This year’s group of high-in-demand musicians on both the jazz and world music scenes will be presenting an afternoon of some beautiful traditional South Indian ragas fusing traditional instrumentation with a specially designed western drums/percussion drum kit played by Asaf Sirkis. 

The musicians will also be talking about the music, their background and about their instruments in the pre-show talk. 

Carnatic Song Quartet:
Sri Pitchaiappah Gnanavaratham - South Indian Flute
Naren Sinrasu - Thavil (percussion instrument)
Pujenthan Sivagurunathan - Kanjira (percussion instrument)
Asaf Sirkis - drum/percussion hybrid kit