Legends Festival 2018

Celebrating Women in Jazz

There is more legendary live jazz coming up in April and May 2018 and this time there’s some extra gigs leading up to the main event starting on April 27th with Alina Bzhezhinska. This year’s Legends Festival marks Birmingham Jazz’s contribution to the centenary celebrations of when some women first got the vote - after pressure by the Suffragette Movement.

Society is still not equal and jazz is no exception so as a small contribution to recognising the impact of women we feature some of today’s women players who demonstrate their own musical journeys and feature their own music but also music by others. Each band is either led by a woman or strongly features women players. Some players are returning and some are new to us - either way it’s sure to be another brilliant Festival!

Although we are running this Festival with the theme of Women in Jazz we are committed to continue to book women led bands in our regular programme. 

There are booking links on each gig which include very good value whole Festival and main weekend tickets but you can also book individual gigs.