Mike Westbrook Back in Brum!

We are drawing to the end of our Autumn season - our first at 1000 Trades and its been brilliant so far. The atmosphere has been electric and the music engaging with the room at 1000 Trades allowing positive interaction between the audience and the players. Each gig has been unique and we are finishing up with two more special ones.

On Friday 24th November we welcome the Ed Jones Quartet and its sure to be an exciting and rousing end to our regular season for 2017 - read more here. And then we have a surprise extra gig as a December treat. We've been able to book Mike Westbrook's Uncommon Orchestra with their Bigger Show for Mike's first visit back to Brum for many years. The orchestra is a rousing 20-piece outfit with showcases Mike and Kate Westbrook's trademark eclectic style. They use the image of the fairground to put on a show with irony, humour and high drama. Appropriately the gig is at the Blue Orange Theatre. Read more here.